Linda Barlow Leaves of FortuneLINDA BARLOW

Author of Fires of Destiny, The Dangerous Hero, Blazing Nights, The Zrakon’s Bride, Uncover Me, Her Sister’s KeeperLeaves of Fortune, and many other novels

Linda is a bestselling author (New York Times and USA Today lists) and a Rita award-winning romance novelist. She has written 25 novels in various genres, including contemporary romance, historical romance, romantic suspense, historical fiction, and family sagas. Linda is also a technology writer, teacher, and human rights advocate. Coming soon to bookstores and ebook vendors everywhere will be new editions of Linda’s novels, beginning with her classic historical romance, Fires of Destiny.

Linda will soon be releasing plenty of other material as well, including a set of related, yet standalone romances: Blazing Nights, Uncover Me, and The Dangerous Hero. which are available now.  The Zrakon’s Bride, and The Zrakon’s Curse, shapeshifter romances about hot Scots and their sea dragons, are also available.

Linda’s latest release, co-written with Alana Albertson, a passionate romance about a bad boy Navy SEAL: Badass is available free on Kindle Unlimited.