Reviews of Linda Barlow’s Books

Leaves of Fortune

“A big, lush, thoroughly satisfying novel!”   —Chicago Tribune

“An enthralling contemporary saga.”  —Rave Reviews

“Imaginative twists and shocking revelations keep the reader riveted.”  —New York City Tribune

“Very readable.”   —New York Times

“More excitement than a year of soap operas…..hard to put down romantic adventure.”   —The Boston Herald

“Emotional and sexual suspense…a satisfying read.”  —New Age Journal

“Compelling…holds readers spellbound.”   –-Imperial Valley Press

“A fast-moving page-turner.”  —The Middlesex News

“Elements of the supernatural, infused with tidbits on the history of tea, spice up this modern saga revolving around a Boston tea empire. A well-told, entertaining tale, satisfying as a good cup of tea.” —Library Journal

When the Dell paperback came out, the New York Times Arts, New and Noteworthy had this to say:  ” When this three-century saga of a Boston tea dynasty was published in 1988, our reviewer, Carrie Carmichael, said it should be subtitled ”Something for Everyone.” The novel has ”channeling and crystals for the New Age crowd. And for mainstream readers, there is money, lots of it, as well as power plays, revenge, death and even eating disorders.”


Her Sister’s Keeper

“A turn-of-the-century saga…filled with charming, dynamic characters who live and breathe in the reader’s
mind. You will laugh and cry through the adventures and intrigue that deep the pages turning. Words cannot do justice to the incredible writing that permeates the book from start to finish.”  —Affaire de Coeur

“An intense, compelling tale. Linda is a wonderful story-teller. She grabs you on the first page and plunges you straight into the tumultuous lives of her fascinating characters.” –Jayne Ann Krentz

“There is much to enjoy as relationships shift and change and characters come to grip with personal conflicts and finally with World War I, which shakes their way of life to its foundation.” —Publishers Weekly

“A fantastic tale of passion, revenge, heartbreak, and courage, love betrayed and love sustained. Excellent reading.”   —Rendezvous

“Superb…a tale of passion, love, heartache, and the strength of the human spirit…With skill and finesse, Linda Barlow exposes every nerve, explores every relationship while telling an immensely good story.” –Sandra Brown

“An emotionally powerful and beautifully evocative story of passion, dreams, romance, and courage. A true tour de force!”  –Katherine Stone


Fires of Destiny

Fires of Destiny, an August release from Onyx, marks the impressive debut of Linda Barlow in the historical romance genre…Ms. Barlow proves herself to be an extraordinary writer in every respect. Weaving together a strong historical background, an intriguing mystery subplot, along with a touch of the mysticism of the old religion, Ms. Barlow crafts a marvelously textured novel that mesmerizes the reader on every level. The timeless magic of this outstanding romance will guarantee recognition of Linda Barlow not only as the next genre superstar, but also as a powerful writer with the talent to surpass all genre boundaries.”  –Romantic Times, 1986 review of original edition

“A rich and rousing tale of high romance and intrigue….racy, colorful, wonderfully readable.”  –Jennifer Wilde

“A bold and clever tapestry…provocative and seductive.”  –Catherine Coulter



“The plot progression is extraordinary… a suspenseful, exciting read.”   —Rendezvous

“A complex and fascinating tale.”    —Romantic Times

“Stunning, powerful, and fast-paced romantic suspense that will keep the audience in a high state of anticipation.”  —Affaire de Coeur


Intimate Betrayal

“Intimate Betrayal is the newest gem from incomparable author Linda Barlow… chock-full of suspense, intrigue and romance. The lives and relationships of all the individuals involved with the Cathedral are clearly defined and fascinatingly complex. A terrific and highly entertaining read.”  —Romantic Times

Intimate Betrayal is romantic suspense at its page-turning best!”  —Midwest Book Review


Thicker Than Water (with co author William G. Tapply)

“Powerhouse authors Linda Barlow and Bill Tapply combine their unique talents to create a masterpiece of riveting suspense, twisted obsession and chilling terror. A reading experience not to be missed!”   —Romantic Times

“Fascinating! A compulsive read! A remarkable collaborative effort! Mystery, suspense, romance and international intrigue–this book has it all. Linda Barlow and William Tapply have reinvented romantic suspense. What an incredible writing team. It doesn’t get any better than this. Linda Barlow and William Tapply have hit upon the right combination of romance and intrigue!”    –Literary Times