New Releases

November 2015


Color-me-Bad-final-45I have another new book out, climbing fast on the charts (to the top 20 in the Amazon Kindle store). It’s a romantic suspense novel, Call Me Killer, about a man suspected of murdering his old girlfriend and the new woman who comes into his life and decides to prove his innocence.

Call Me Killer is the first of several books set in the same fictional Massachusetts town (similar to my own town!). I’m hoping to release its successor (not a sequel exactly since they are all standalones) early in the new year.

AlphasDarklingBride_400x600September 2015

I’m delighted to announce the release of the latest in my shifter romances. Alpha’s Darkling Bride is set in Montana, and involves a marriage of convenience. The heroine has a connection to the Malloch family of The Zrakon series (which I do intend to get back to, as soon as I can).

Alpha’s Darkling Bride has also been a big success, making it into the top ten in the Amazon Kindle store.



June 2015

20cover2DI participated in an another anthology with Gennita Low, Victoria Danaan and a group of talented romance authors, Summer Fire. We were all very excited when Summer Fire hit both the USA Today and, especially, the New York Times bestsellers lists! A very exciting time for all.

The novella I wrote for this collection, My Mile-High Mistake, will be released at a later date.



May 2015

BADASS coverIt’s been a long winter, and I’ve been hard at work writing several new novels. The first to be released is Badass, A Navy SEAL Romance.

BADASS, a romance about a bad boy Navy SEAL and a marine biologist, was co-written with Alana Albertson. It’s available now on Amazon. If you’re a member of Kindle Unlimited, it’s FREE!

Thanks to my loyal readers, BADASS was a big bestseller, hitting number three in the entire Amazon Kindle Store!



November 2014

Dangerous19The Dangerous Hero has just been released. The Dangerous Hero is a particular favorite of mine. I write in different subgenres, and this one is lighthearted contemporary romance, with a kinky twist. Stephen, the hero, is a character I made up many years ago. He has lived in my fantasies for a long time.

The book is a second chance at love romance for a pair of sympathetic young lovers who’ve grown up since they last saw each other. Viola is a teacher and Stephen’s a mystery novelist. He’s an alpha, but he isn’t arrogant. He’s not a serial killer or a motorcyle club member or a kidnapper or any of those dark dudes. But he is a dominant and he likes his sex a little rough.

Stephen also likes to laugh and have fun. He has a house on the beach and a golden retriever. He’s loyal and friendly and a very safe and experienced Dom. And yes, he has his own dungeon. When he roleplays, he can definitely be a little scary. But underneath it all, he’s a trustworthy guy. He just has to convince Viola of that…

I admit it–I’m a little in love with Stephen myself! And I adore that hot guy on the cover!

Amazon US


October 2014

New in October is The Zrakon’s Curse, which is the follow up novel to The Zrakon’s Bride. Both these paranormal fantasy romances are part of the Shifters of Scotland series. They are connected, but each is a standalone with a complete love story.

Colin Malloch is Ross Malloch’s brother. Ross was the hero of The Zrakon’s Bride. Colin falls in love with a mysterious woman from another world. Who is Ariane? Has she come to Mallochbirn as a spy? How can he protect her when the other members of his own family are highly suspicious of her?



September 2014


Highland Shifters_2000New Release

The new anthology, Highland Shifters is now available at Amazon, Apple IbooksBarnes & Noble, and Kobo,

This boxed set is a collection of brand new stories by many popular paranormal authors–Michelle Fox, Selena Kitt, Red Phoenix, Victoria Danann, Liliana Rhodes, Tabitha Conall, Lisa Carlisle, Adriana Hunger, Arial Burnz, Sarah Makela, Skye Eagleday, Ripley Sage, and me. It includes my latest novel, The Zrakon’s Curse. This sea dragon shifter story is the second in my Scottish Shifters series which began with The Zrakon’s Bride. The novels are related (they feature siblings from the Malloch family), but each book tells a standalone story.

Highland Shifters turned out to be a USA Today bestseller!



Color-Me-Blue3September 2014

My latest book is available, the erotic novella Color Me Blue (New Adult Romance)

Never Trust a Bad Boy?

Hopeful that nothing worse can happen on a night when she’s caught her boyfriend cheating, had her purse stolen, and been ditched in a bar, college student Jo Whitney accepts a ride with a hot stranger. She has no idea that bad boy Connor Finlay is the same sexy dominant she’s been flirting with online.

Color Me Blue is part of the Color Me series of connecting novels and novella. Call Me Killer is related to Color Me Blue (the hero appears in both).

And very soon, the sequel to The Zrakon’s Bride, The Zrakon’s Curse will be released as part of the Highland Shifters anthology.

July 2014

Available now! (Aug. 18, 2014)



I’m getting excited about the upcoming release of my romantic suspense novel, Uncover Me. Here’s the cover, which I love, and a teaser to whet your appetite. The talented Nicole Blanchard, of IndieSage Promotions will be doing some marketing for the book, and I am already grateful to her!

Here’s a description:


All I did was take a few pictures. I didn’t realize I was witnessing a crime.

I was hoping for a kick-ass adventure when I set off on my dream vacation. Instead, I’ve fallen in with a ruthless band of thieves.

Kidnapped, bound, and ordered to submit, I’m stuck on a yacht with a sun-bronzed pirate who caught me photographing his antiquities-smuggling operation. He doesn’t want me tagging along any more than I want to be here. But that hasn’t stopped him from finding a use for me.


She thinks I’m hard-assed. Dominating. Cruel. But I’ve got a dirty job to do. It has required months of scheming, a billionaire’s yacht, and a shitload of priceless stolen artifacts.

I’m not about to be distracted by one inconvenient redhead. Even if she is supremely fuckable and oh-so-sweet when I have her on her knees.

She probably doesn’t realize it, but I’m doing my best to protect her. There are guys here a lot badder than me. But I can’t allow her to mess up my plans. There’s no place in my life for softer emotions, and no space in my body for a heart.

UNCOVER ME is a contemporary romantic suspense novel with a touch of darkness. It is intended for mature audiences. Readers who enjoy hot romance, capture fantasy, and a touch of darkness will love this one.


The Zrakon's Bride


And speaking of new releases: The Zrakon’s Bride, a short erotic novel is available now! This one is for folks who love shifter romances. And it’s set in one of the perennial favorite locations for romance–the Scottish highlands.

Here’s a description:

Beauty Meets Her Beast

Are maidens still sacrificed to sea dragons? Kate Beaton is a lover of folklore tales about beauties and beasts, maidens and monsters, princesses and frogs. But when she visits a quaint Scottish village, she is surprised to find that they take the ancient legends seriously.

Ross Malloch is a modern Highland laird with a family secret—there have been shape shifters at Mallochbirn for centuries. The Zrakon is in his blood. And on Midsummer’s Eve, the only thing his alpha male sea dragon can think about is finding his one true mate.

The Zrakon’s Bride is a short, erotic paranormal romance from Rita award-winning romance author Linda Barlow. It is intended for mature audiences.




Dark Desires 3DI’m excited about a new anthology I’ve contributed a novel to: Dark Desires, a collection of dark romances. Dark romances have been very popular this year–they tend to deal with romantic fantasies that are a little more twisted and shadowy than is usually seen in the traditional romance. So readers should beware, since they might encounter content that they will find disturbing.

That said, my own story in this collection is not that dark. It’s romantic suspense, and I will be releasing it as a separate novel in August. I’m planning a big release, so expect to see more information about Uncover Me soon!





June 2014

I’m having a very creative year. Writing lots of new stuff, and also rethinking and rewriting some of my old novels. I have been contributing to several anthologies with some of my friends. I will also be releasing my romances individually.

Monster Bundle FlatNew in June: Shifters, Beasts and Monsters, a paranormal anthology. I will be releasing my own short novel, The Zrakon’s Bride, in July.


Barnes & Noble


May 2014

Master of Hearts, anthology with Linda's story, Color Me Blue

Master of Hearts, anthology with Linda’s story, Color Me Blue

I’m having a wonderful  time writing short stories and novellas, something I used to do many decades ago. New York publishing didn’t have much a market for these, though, so I turned to longer books. In some cases, much longer.

I have a new story in a romance anthology that has just been released.

Color Me Blue, in the Master of Hearts anthology, is for those who like their loving a  little bit kinky. Also in the anthology are a bunch of other hot stories from some of the biggest names in erotic romance.

Here’s the blurb for Color Me Blue:

College student Jo Whitney figures nothing more humiliating can happen on a night when she’s caught her boyfriend cheating on her–with a guy–had her purse stolen, lost her shirt, literally, and been stranded at a bar. But the worst is yet to come. That secret online relationship she has with that kinky guy? The one who wants to meet and do some of the things they texted about? Of all the bars in all the towns in all the world, why did he have to walk into hers?

By the way, the hero of this story appears in the novella I released in March, Color Me Bad, which can be found in the Breakaway anthology. At some point in the future, all these stories will be released individually (there are more to come).

breakaway cover



March, 2014

New: My New Adult Novella, Color Me Bad, in the Spring Break Anthology: Breakaway. The anthology was penned with the help of several very popular New Adult romance authors, including Jay McLean, Ilsa Madden-Mills, Penny Reid, Pam Godwin, Missy Johnson, Dawn Robertson, Alana Albertson, Carly Carson, Farrah Farside, Nicole Blanchard, Cherie Blakeley, and M-E Girard.

Color Me Bad by Linda Barlow: Fleeing a dude with a shotgun, Rory McKay seeks help from bad boy townie, Griff O’Malley, only to learn that Griff may have murdered his last girlfriend.


December 2, 2013

My new book is out, just in time for Christmas. *Really* new, as in never before published in any form!

A Kiss Is Just A Kiss

It’s a novella this time, considerably shorter than my other novels. It is officially part of my Night Games series (it takes place a couple of months after Blazing Nights and includes some of the characters from that novel). The genre New Adult romance.

But A Kiss Is Just A Kiss is being released both as an individual title and as part of the Unholy Nights Twisted Christmas anthology.

I was thrilled to get together with six other very talented authors to do this anthology. I’ve had a great deal of fun working with Andra Brynn, Alana Albertson, Carly Carson, Nicole Blanchard, Kara Ashley Dey, and Cherie Chulick.

The novellas are all a little “twisted,” with various paranormal elements, including ghosts, witches, demons, magic spells and charms, enchanted snow globes, and the Wild Hunt. Not your typical holiday romance!

I love the cover of the Unholy Nights anthology–the guy in the picture is so hot!

Unholy Nights A Twisted Christmas Anthology

Unholy Nights: A Twisted Christmas Anthology


September, 2013

I’m happy to announce that Blazing Nights is currently available at Amazon! It’s the first in a new contemporary romance series I’m working on.

I’m currently in the process of editing several of my romance novels that were published years ago.  In all cases, I’m rewriting and polishing the books, but in some cases I’m doing a good deal more than that. I’m writing lots of new material, which is very exciting!

I’ve actually found that there’s more work to do on stories published in the 1980s than on my historicals. History hasn’t changed, but the last two decades have brought huge alterations to our world. Would today’s heroine ever be without email and a cell phone? Human nature may always be the same, but the things around us are being continually re-shaped and made anew.

I have already finished updating the book of my heart, Fires of Destiny, an historical novel/romance set in England during Mary Tudor’s reign.

Cover for Linda Barlow's Blazing Nights

The e-book cover for Blazing Nights

June 2013

Fires of Destiny is now once again available in a completely new, revised edition. A brand new print edition is also available now at Amazon, for those of you who still prefer “real” books.

Get Fires of Destiny at

It’s been wonderful reconnecting with the characters I created so many years ago. Roger, the hero, was one of my favorites, and Alix, the heroine, is the girl I always wanted to be! Their love story still moves me, so many years after it was first published by New American Library.

Fires of Destiny will be followed by another historical novel, Her Sister’s Keeper, set in Cornwall during World War I. The family involved are descendants of the main characters in Fires of Destiny.

I’m currently putting together a series of several sexy contemporary romances about five friends who went to college together and have kept up with one another via an online computer game created by one of the guys. These books are based on old romances of mine, updated, or, in some cases, brand new. Since I’m a big fan of computer games, this project has been lots of fun. The title of the new series is Night Games, and the first romance in the series is called Blazing Nights (available now!)

After that series is complete, I have another one in mind…stay tuned.