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Three Rules for Writing a Novel

Since I was having a bad day writing today, I made up this ecard and posted it on Facebook.  I guess a lot of other writers were having a similarly bad day, because it was shared more than anything I’ve ever posted before. Thank you very much, Somerset Maugham.    

The Marriage Proposal That Went Viral

How could anyone say no to the guy who came up with this joyful and creative marriage proposal? In a strange way, it reminded me of a Joss Whedon musical (Buffy’s Once More With Feeling or Dr. Horrible). Except, of course, in Isaac’s video, none of the dancers burst into flame!  And it has a…

The Cat and the IPad

Tiger, our cat, was just too cute this morning, dabbing artistically at my IPad.  What an excuse — how could I work when he was being so adorable?

Obama the Noob — A Gamer’s Parody

Overheard in Guild Wars: (an online MMO) General Chat: Obama the Healer: Monk looking for group for mission. Team chat: Hillary the Warrior: Cool, there’s a healer LFG. Add him. We need a healer for this dungeon. Team chat: CampaignMan: He looks like a noob. No elite armor. Prolly never done the mission before. General…