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I haven’t been using my blog much lately (I mostly post on Facebook), but this seems as good a place as any for this review and English synopsis and translation of the first episode of Kosem Sultan — or, officially, Muhtesem Yuzyil Kosem, a new Turkish series that is the successor to the world-wide sensation, Muhtesem Yuzyil, the story of Suleyman the Magnificent and his beloved Hurrem Sultan. Kosem was the wife of Sultan Ahmet, the great great grandson of Suleyman. She was one of the most powerful women of the Ottoman dynasty.

I know from watching Muhtesem Yuzyil that there are a lot of English speakers in many countries who can’t speak Turkish. I can, so I’m doing a synopsis and some translating. My Turkish is not perfect by any means, but it should give people who want to understand the story some help! I’m not sure how many episodes I’ll do this for–it takes quite a lot  of time and I have books to write!

I enjoyed the first episode of this show. Granted, I did not enjoy it as much as I enjoyed the first episode of Muhtesem Yuzyil with Halit Ergenc as Suleyman and Meryem Uzerli as Hurrem–that was truly wonderful. But I hope Kosem will develop also into a great historical drama.

seatedThe show runs on Star TV in Turkey and is produced by TIMS production, and produced by Timur Savci. For more info: Kosem Wikipedia entry, Muhtesem Yuzyil Kosem on Facebook,  Star TV, TIMS productions.

Muhtesem Yuzyil Kosem Episode 1  The first episode on YouTube

(Rough and not complete English translation by Linda Barlow, whose Turkish is not bad, but not perfect!)

The episode begins with a voice over from the new Sultan Ahmet. “Ben Ahmet” – “I am Ahmet.” He recounts the story of how painful it is to be a prince of the Ottoman dynasty.

“24 years to the day after the death of Suleyman, I was born. I grew up in Manisa. I was happy there. But when I came to Istanbul on my father’s death…what a happy day, but happiness lasted a short time. The fairytales about the happiness of princes are untrue. We either come to the throne or we die. From that day, I knew sorrow and fear. That was the day I learned that when the sultan takes the throne, the law requires that he kill his brothers. You have to follow the law, not your heart.

Ahmet’s brother Mahmud promises, “One day, if I come to the throne, I won’t do what our father did; I won’t kill my brother.” Ahmet isn’t so sure about this promise.
“I wanted to escape.” He and his brother watch the coffins being carried out of the palace after the new sultan ordered the deaths of his 19 brothers.

We see Ahmet today growing up, swordplay with his older brother in their secret garden, which is the only place they can forget about the future that awaits them. But Mahmud gets into trouble when his mother Halime consults a fortune teller and word get around that she predicts Sultan Mehmet will die soon and Mahmud succeed him. Mahmud also spoke to the sultan about a rebellion that was taking place and Ahmet is horrified to hear it, because he thinks his father will order Mahmud’s execution.

Sure enough, this is the last time Ahmet sees his brother—that same night he is strangled. Ahmet tried to stop it but is prevented.
He understood that day that his biggest pain in his heart was losing a brother.
He is then very depressed and the only thing that can cheer him up is being invited to his grandmother’s apartment, who is in deep sorrow on his account. There Ahmet first sees the portrait Anastasia holding a lamb. For the first time, the dark clouds lift.
Ahmet: “Who is she?”

Safiye, the Queen Mother, notes his interest. He sets the picture up in his bedroom and often stares at it. She’s lovely, but there are probably other beautiful women. This girl is special. She is the embodiment of innocence. Whenever he looks at the portrait, the sorrow in his life fades and he is happy.
He dreams one night that a droplet falls onto his heart and tree sprouts and grows from his chest. He sees it as a sign from God. He thinks he has died and is now part of the soil.

sultanBut that night, someone comes to his room. It is Reyhan aga. “I received an order to bring you to the Has Oda.”
“What does my sultan want at this time of the night? It’s a trap, isn’t it? My father is going to take my life.”
The aga doesn’t answer.
Reluctantly, Ahmet goes to the sultan’s chamber. There is a crowd around the sultan’s bed.
“My prince,” they all bow.
He is taken to Safiye Sultan on the balcony. She says, “Mehmet, our sultan, my dear son, has left this world.” Ahmet looks back and see his father’s body.
“This dawning day is your day. From now on, the serene throne of the Ottoman dynasty is yours.”
“I am Sultan Ahmet. Without ever expecting it, I came to the throne.”

Opening credits

Greece: Meanwhile, somewhere in the Greek Islands, Anastasia is having fun, helping the village women trample grapes. She gets in a mock fight with a kid who’s spying, and her mother sees and get annoyed at her behavior. Sends her to her room. But instead she sees a horse, jumps on and rides to the sea. Her father, a prosperous merchant, meets up with her later under a special olive tree, where she’s sitting with her lamb, like in the picture, singing.
kosem“Have I told you the story of this olive tree?”
“Yes, a hundred times”, she says, laughing. (Later, alone in the harem, she remembers her father’s story about the strong olive tree and how he compared her to a princess.)
He is telling her that he’s leaving for a trip to Venice, and that she should take care of her little sister. But they are interrupted by the village bell tolling. A Turkish ship has been sent by Safiye to find Anastasia.
The Turks go to her house on the hill and ask where their daughter Anatasia is. The father lies and says she’s been sent away, but the pasha doesn’t believe it. He finds her hiding with her sister under a trap door. He comes her face to the picture he has of her and pulls her out.
She is carried off, with her parents screaming and crying all the way. When the father asks where they’re taking her, they tell him “to the world’s center” and toss him some coins.

Istanbul, at the Sultan’s first public presentation.

Before going outside, the sultan is presented to his family, who are lined up in a manner we recognize from Muhtesem Yuzyil.
Outside, waiting for the new sultan, the Divan members are standing around talking. “May he (the dead sultan) rest in the light.” There is some gossip about the sultan’s sudden death. One of the Giray brothers points out that a very young sultan has taken the throne…that he hasn’t even been circumcised (??…I guess he’s 13 in real life, although the actor is clearly much older).
Inside, Safiye gives Ahmet his new kaftan and his rings and recites his powerful lineage from Suleyman. Meanwhile little Mustafa is dodging around and grinning at his brother, who smiles back. When he’s told to stop, he protests that he’s playing games with his abi. Safiye tells him that from now on Ahmet is not his abi, but his sultan, and he must say “hunkarim.”
Mustafa looks sad and so does Ahmet, who has a flashback to a conversation he had with his mother recently: “My son. You know what you must do as soon as you ascend the throne: the law requires that every sultan, upon his accession, must end the lives of his brothers.”
During his presentation to the Janissaries and the members of the Divan, he hesitates and asks for water before going out to meet the crowds. His mother panics up in the tower.
Dervis gives a pep talk to Ahmet. “You’re the sultan of the 7 regions and of the 3 continents now. You are day, we are night. You are water, we are the dry ground. You are a lion, we are lambs. Now your sun is rising, you will roar like a lion.”
c8096e9df7Ahmet takes heart and goes out. He takes his seat on the throne. The members of the Divan are introduced and approach to kiss his robes. After the Giray brothers are presented, one of them asks another official whether the firman has been signed yet to kill Ahmet’s younger brother. The official says you have to ask the head imam. Giray notes that the rules are clear, he must do this.
But Ahmet is remembering his mother’s words, and he suddenly interrupts the proceedings to announce that he has decided to spare his brother’s life. The reaction is muted, until the head of the Janissaries shouts, “Padishah cok yasar,” (Long live the Sultan) and everyone takes up the cry.
Giray brother: “Who has taken the throne? This is no warrior.” Implication: this is a disaster. The other brother, “Watch out or you may lose your head.” First brother, “Whose head will go and whose will stay remains to be seen.”
The reaction in the tower isn’t exactly happy, except for Halime, who had been about to run away with her children. Safiye says, is this how your raise your son, and Handan apologizes and says he’s excited, but soon he will do what is necessary. Safiye orders Halime to take her grandson and return to their apartment. Safiye then says that Ahmet’s decision is not the problem. Surprised, Handan says that the law is clear. Safiye says that our sultan is still very young. First they must have the circumcision. After that, he must take a concubine. As soon as that girl has a son, a new prince, that should be the time that Ahmet gives the order about his brother.

Marketplace. There’s some talk in the marketplace about how young the new sultan is, that he hasn’t even gone to a sanjak to preside over regional government and must therefore be inexperienced. The head of the Janissaires, who led the “Long live the Sultan” cheer, announces that Sultan Ahmet has spared his brother and that innocent boys will no longer be killed.

She resists all the way on her trip to Istanbul. She refuses to eat and starts a fight by appealing for help. She tells the people the guys with her are from the palace, and that is enough to start a battle. (The other guys are outlaws rebelling against the throne).
While they start fighting each other, she runs away. She meets Alexander, who is a Janissary recruit in training, also headed for Istanbul. She begs him to help her and he takes her to the other Janissaries. Her captors from the palace join them and their leader explains who he is. Apparently, they had to leave their boat and continue the trip overland because of storms at sea.

Back in the palace:
Mother to Ahmet: “You should have discussed your decision with me.”
Ahmet: “He’s my brother.”
Handan: “The law says….etc.”
Ahmet basically puts a stop to the conversation.
A little later, on his balcony, he says, “I don’t see what all the worry is about. Everyone seems happy about my decision.”
His mother is not pleased.
Ahmet: “The important thing is what I want because now the power is with me.”
Handan: “If you want to be powerful, there were three things you must do: first, give the order for your brother Mustafa’s execution. Second, exile Safiye Sultan to the old palace, and third, carry on your own line by having a son.”

Halime goes to see some pasha, who says, good, you needn’t run away; your son’s life is spared.
Halime is not satisfied. She thinks that although Ahmet loves his little brother, his mother will talk him into killing the child. She’s not planning to wait for that to happen. “There are two roads ahead of us, either we die or we ascend the throne.” Pasha: “What do you have in mind?” Halime: “I have a proposition for the Kalenders.” (These are the group who are rebelling against the throne).

Dervis comes to the balcony and Handan says she wants him with her son all the time to protect him. Ahmet says he’s already at his side. Dervis swear to Handan that he will protect Ahmet with his own life.
imageLion Arrival Scene: Down in the palace gardens, a rolling cage arrives with a lion inside. Ahmet asks whose present this is and the Girays tell him they’ brought him the lion. They’ll be pleased if he accepts.
Elder Giray Brother: ““You can be either just or cruel, hopefully you’ll be just.”
If you look into lion’s eyes, you show him you’re the master. You’ll conquer fear and learn to be just.” (aslan gibi).
The Giray brother then asks Ahmet what he thinks is the scariest thing about the lion. “His teeth and his claws?” “No, fear. The lion knows that people are afraid of him.” He goes on to imply that if Ahmet can master the lion, he will be able to find his own courage and sense of justice and be a good ruler.
The younger Giray brother looks dubious about this whole thing. He obviously doesn’t know the entire plan.
Dervis reminds him that the Divan meeting is starting.

Divan. The Vezir Azam is away but will be back soon. Meanwhile there are problems Ahmet is surprised to hear about rebellions. Expenses. The royal treasury is short of money. Wars.
Later, when Ahmet meets with Valide (Safiye) in her apartment, Ahmet tells her he’s heard things in his first Divan meeting about wars, struggles, rebellion. He seems overwhelmed with the responsibilities of ruling. He mentions that he was reading about Suleyman. I think he said he read the Suleymanname—the account that Matrakci Nasuh Effendi wrote. What a great ruler he was and how he dreams of being like him. Safiye says “You’ll be even more magnificent.” Ahmet says doubtfully, “You really think so?” She says that “With all our hearts. We’ll be here to help you.”

On the road to Istanbul. Alex tells Anastasia that the Janissaries will stay in Edirne for a while, but later come to Istanbul. Maybe he’ll see her there. She asks him to help her now. He notes that although she might want to escape to find her family, he joined the Janissaries of his own free will, seeking to find a family that way. Still he promises he will find her in Istanbul and help her.
“Come find me in Istanbul. Help me, save me. Promise me!”
He gives his word and she gives him her ribbon to remember her by. And to remember his promise to her.

Topkapi When Anastasia arrives at Topkapi, Cennet kalfa is put in charge of her. Anastasia asks what the name of this place is. Reylan aga tells her yes there’s a name, many names, and he stretches his explanation out. “To you it might be hell, but the gardens of heaven are behind that door. This is the Ottoman palace.”
Aga: “Give her a name.”
Cennet: “Hatice.”
Anastasia: “I’m not Hatice, I’m Anastasia!”

hulyaDancing girls are performing for the Valide sultan (Safiye). The caryies (concubines) are gossiping. We hear that the sultan has recovered from his circumcision and will choose a girl for the halvet. Who will go, I wonder, one girl says, clearly hoping to be the one.
At the door, the new Valide Sultan is announced. Safiye, cat in her lap, is not too pleased to hear this, obviously. When Handan approaches, she puts the cat on the chair where she would sit and leaves it there for a few moments before ordering the cat taken back to her apartment.
Safiye, “You do know where our cat comes from, right? A gift from our friend Queen Elizabeth.” Handan points out that Elizabeth has recently died. Safiye says she was a powerful woman–a woman like her only comes along once per century, and they should appreciate her value. As she should appreciate *her* value. “This is the end,” she says. She doesn’t want to hear any more challenges from Handan.
Meanwhile a message comes for Handan, and we next see her going to the Has Oda to tell the sultan about it. Ahmet is playing there with his little brother.

Has Oda (the Sultan’s main chamber). The message that just came was from Egypt saying that his father, the previous sultan, was assassinated. Dervis asks if there’s any proof of these heavy accusations, and she says the Vezir Azam will return from Egypt soon with more information. But that if they’d kill Sultan Mehmet, they might kill Ahmet, too. Handan declares that they have a sultan assassin among them.
At first Ahmet denies this. He says he talked to the doctor, who claimed that his father died of natural causes. Besides, who would do such a thing? Dervis say there are lots of possibilities for a killer. “First of all, says Handan, there’s Safiye sultan.”
Ahmet says that’s not possible. Would she kill her own son? His mother implies that Safiye was responsible for his older brother’s death and she wants to keep power by killing Ahmet and putting the little kid in the throne.
Ahmet suggests that his mother is just saying this because she wants him to order little Mustafa’s death and kill his own conscience. She says, crying, “no I just want you to stay alive.”

Rebel camp. The pasha goes to visit the rebel group with Halime’s proposal. He tells the leader that a child has come to the throne and that the new sultan has promised not  to kill his brother. Mehmet Kalender compares Ahmet sarcastically to the former sultans–when it comes to keeping promises, they are not reliable. He claims that his tribe and the Osmanlis and together took over the region, but that the Ottomans have kept all the power for themselves. But the pasha, who seems to be a Chelebi, says that Halime sultan has a solution. If they help get rid of Ahmet and put little Mustafa on the throne, Halime will give his sons all of Anatolia east of Uskudar as beylerbeys of the entire region.

Meanwhile, at the palace, Ahmet runs into Halime and her daughter in the hall, and two-faced Halime thanks him for sparing her son’s life.
Ahmet goes to feed the lion and there is a metaphor where, at the same time, Cennet kalfa goes to give food to Anastasia…she is clearly being compared to a lion.
Ahmet feeds lion but looking into his eyes does not work. The lion attacks, but the chain prevents him from reaching Ahmet. He was told he would conquer fear and learn to be just rather than cruel by mastering the lion. But Dervis insists that the most important thing for ruling right now is simply to stay alive.
Meanwhile Cennet strikes Anastasia with her whip and says, “Look, my name is Heaven, (Cennet mean heaven) but in some situations my name will change, and it will be Hell.”

Has Oda: Doctor shows his notebook with his notes on the sultan’s illness and all the medicines he gave him. Ahmet asks if it’s possible he was poisoned? “No way. Who would dare!”
Ahmet asks him to catalogue and test everything to be sure, but he wants this to remain private.
Ahmet: “Ok, don’t tell anyone about this; let this be a secret between us.”

muhtesem-yuzyil-kosem-hulyaMorning ritual for sultana: She gets her daily schedule, her coffee and Hurrem’s ring! Then Bulbul aga tells her that her gift for the sultan has arrived and Anastasia is shown into the room.
Anastasia runs to seek help from the (formerly) Venetian queen, but it’s not forthcoming. Safiye gives her the name Mahpeyker. (Instead of Hatice, which is what Cennet was calling her). Valide then tells Mahpeyker that she has several names, just as a women has several roles in her life. Child, woman, mother, and if God wills in even a sultana. “You have a great future. You must learn loyalty.”
“Then will you send me home?”

“You have a lot of learn,” Valide says. “You’re never going home. Get her ready to be presented to the sultan.”
Ahmet’s mother’s apartment. Handan hears about the Greek girl that Safiye has brought to the palace. She is not pleased.
Harem stairs and hallway: Lady with the cane (Dudu hatun) says to Cennet “There’s only one Valide Sultan here and that’s Handan.” She gives the order to put Mahpeyker with the other cariyes instead of in the private room where Cennet intended to put her.
Cennet says this is a special girl, brought her as a gift for the sultan. The other girls hear this. They all study Mahpeyker, and make fun of her because she’s so young.

x240-fBUEdirne Janissary Ocak. “I’m Zulfikar. Head of the Istanbul training corps  for Janissaries. From now on we’ll be together. Hard road, etc.(they know the proper responses). “There are two families in the world, Muslims and non Muslims.” Alexander is there with the ribbon that he is keeping, reminding him of Anastasia.

Girls in harem. “So you’ve been brought for the sultan?”
Anastasia: “I didn’t want to come. He’s all yours.”
“Have you seen the sultan? When you do, don’t be afraid. If you’re afraid, it will go harder in you.”
Anastasia: “I’m not afraid of anyone.”
“That poor girl was so frightened.”
“Which girl?”
“According to the gossip…but this has to stay between us, okay? Or we’ll lose our heads. The sultan is really fat. And he’s really old. He eats the heart of a new girl every day. May God help all of us.”
Other cariyes: “Amin!”
Anastasia looks suitably impressed with these lies.

Safiye to Dudu hatun: “So I hear you claim there’s only one Valide Sultan here and that’s your haseki?”
“Well, those are the rules of the harem.”
Valide: “So that’s what happens to your loyalty? You go whichever way the wind blows? Çekilebilirsin.” Safiye has no intention of giving up her power.
Ahmet sees his brother playing in the palace gardens from his balcony. The boy’s mother gets a visit from the pasha she sent to the Kalenders. He reports that they promised to start a rebellion to depose Ahmet and put Mustafa in his place.
Halime: “Get ready…we move at the first opportunity. A bloody war awaits us.”
Anastasia takes the cat, Elizabeth, while Cennet fools around with some guy. (How did he get into the harem?) She discovers the secret passage.

meetingSultan’s Garden. Anastasia climbs the vine and Ahmet shows up.
Ahmet: “Don’t step on that.”
Oops. She falls into his arms.
Ahmet: “You?”  He recognizes her from the portrait. “How did you come here?”
Ana: “Who are you? What’s behind this wall? Can I escape?”
Ahmet: Why? why do you want to escape?”
Ana “Because I was forced to come here by the queen mother. For the ugly old sultan.”
Ahmet, puzzled: “Old and ugly?”
Ana “Have you ever seen him? He eats little girls’ hearts.”
Ahmet “He eats girls??”
Ana “There was this girl…she tried to escape but the sultan sniffed her and ate her.”
Ahmet, when she runs again to the sea wall: “Don’t look over there. Can’t you hear the sound of the waves?”
“What can I do? Help me.”
“If you don’t obey them, they’ll stuff you in a bag and throw you into the sea.”
“I want I want to go home! My parents and my sister are waiting for me.”
“Don’t be afraid. I’ll make sure no harm comes to you, Anastasia.”
“How do you know my name?”
“Um, Cennet hatun told me.”
“Help me, save me! This place is hell for me.”
“I’ll help you but you must take your proper place in the harem. Don’t worry, I’ll find you.”
“What’s your name?”
“Why are you going to help me?”
“Because I want to escape from this palace, too.”
“They forced you to come here too? Where are your parents your family?”
“It’s time for you to return to the harem.”
Back inside: Cennet finds her and Kosem asks who Bahti is? Cennet want to know where she went.
“I couldn’t find you, either, but then I saw you with a man.”
“If you open your mouth about that I’ll cut out your tongue.”

Valide’s apartment: Ahmet goes to see Safiye. He wants to thank her for the gift. She obviously found the girl from the picture. She says, “I was going to present her to you but I guess you’ve already seen her.” She tells him that everybody’s going to do everything to preserve his happiness.
Ahmet’s mom looks down on the harem girls and says that no one is to be sent to her son unless she approves it. She asked aga about a girl he mentioned. He points out the girl in blue, who is Mahfuriz. The women in her family are reputedly fertile, which pleases Handan. She wants her son to continue his line as quickly as possible.
Later in the Has Oda, Ahmet is bored with the dancing girls. He keeps looking at the portrait. He asks Dervis how long is this entertainment is going to last. He wants to go feed his lion. Dervis says he’ll end it now. The girl in red, Mahfuriz, tries to seduce him and fails:

“Your servant is here to make you happy.”
“Enough. You may withdraw.”
“Did I do something wrong? You don’t like me?”
Instead of answering, Ahmet stalks out to go feed this lion.
The Aga outside says Handan will be very angry.
Quick flash: We see someone with iron cutters in the darkness (going to cut the chain)
The lion’s dungeon.

Ahmet: “Open the door.”
Ahmet, to himself. “I am the master. I won’t be cruel. I will be just.”
The lion attacks, the chain breaks, and Dervis appears and shoots the lion. He calls for the doctor.
“My sultan, you are wounded.”
Dervis to the lion keepers: “How did this happen…is the chain sound?”
“Yes, even five lions couldn’t break that chain.”
Dervis examines it and finds it has been cut.
“My sultan, this was an attack.”
Has Oda: Handan sultan: “I told you so. The traitors are trying to kill you.
Who could it be, Dervis?”
She suspects Safiye, who supposedly wants to put her other, much younger grandson in the throne.
Ahmet: “Leave me alone with my mother.”
“You’re right, mom. This is really hard. The nightmare of traitors begins. How can I endure it?” He is very upset. ” I thought when I attained the throne that I would no longer be afraid of death.”
“Thank God you escaped. But they’ll come again, attack again. If you don’t kill them, they will kill you.”

Harem: Anastasia wakes up to see the other girl (the rejected cariye) crying.
Ahmet looks at his little brother sleeping. He is now having second thoughts about his decision to spare his life.

gardenOutdoor garden. Valide sultan is furious. The sultan has summoned her to an outdoor garden. The wind is blowing and a storm is coming (cue metaphor).
Ahmet: “I made a decision. I pardoned my brother, but I didn’t consult you first. Do you think I made the right decision?”
“Whatever is good for the Sultan is good for us all.”
“Yeah what about the law? Would you still say that if I had ordered his death?”
“You must do what’s in your heart. Your brother is a piece of your own life.”
“What about my older brother Mahmud. You closed your ears then. If Mahmoud went, I was still here. If I go, Mustafa’s still here. Last night somebody tried to kill me.”
“What?! Why wasn’t I told?”
“Every night I feed the lion with my own hands but the chain was cut.” He obviously thinks Safiye had something to do with the attack. “But as you see I am standing here opposite you.”
Safiye is annoyed: “Then listen to the words of your grandmother who has been in this palace for 40 years. Which finger would it hurt the most to cut? They all hurt equally. We don’t want to lose any of our grandsons, but the throne is yours, the decision is yours. Now, the storm is coming. It would be a good idea to go back to our apartments.”
She stalks out.
Ahmet calls Dervis and gives him a letter. He has changed his mind. Now he is asking the chief imam to give him the firman to kill his brother.

Harem: Mustafa is in the cariyes’ room, and burns himself on roasted chestnuts. Anastasia helps. Mustafa says he loves all kinds of nuts. A servant comes to take him to his mother.
Halime is packing. She is smart enough to know that the attack on the sultan probably spells doom for her son. She tells the kid to get ready and tells her daughter that if not today, then the next day the sultan will kill her brother.

Valide sultan is having a massage and Bulbul is talking about the attack. She asks who could have been responsible for the cut chain.
He suggests Handan could have done it herself to cause suspicion to fall on Safiye and make trouble for her.
Safiye doesn’t think Handan is that clever, but Halime is. She swears to throw her into the Bosphorus herself if she was responsible.

A fortress— Halime’s aga comes to talk to the Giray brothers, who have been having a mock fight with their swords. The younger brother thinks he’s won, but the older brother defeats him in the end, after all. “Don’t claim victory if your opponent is still breathing.”
The older brother goes off with the aga in private. Younger bro looks suspicious, and sure enough, Halime’s aga, Reyhan, is there to report that Dervis saved the sultan from the lion.
“Looks like Dervis likes his new job.”
“Looks like it.”
“Since you gave him the lion, the suspicion might fall on you.”
“Let them come. Mehmet is dead. Now we have Ahmet and Mustafa. They will all die. The throne will come to us after we get rid of the Osmanli family.”

Harem: Cennet gives some clean linens to Anastasia. She runs off, as usual.
She sees Halime and her kids escaping thru the secret passage and tries to follow, but Cennet returns. She tells her she is to go to the sultan tonight for the halvet.

We see the escapees—Halime and her children. Mustafa’s wants to see his abi (elder brother). Halime reminds him he’s not his abi anymore but the sultan. The hunkar is the lion and Mustafa is the lamb who will be strangled. Mustafa wants to go back. His mother says, “We will go back some day. But we return to take the throne.”

The golden road
“This is the golden road…the road of love of power the road to the gardens of heaven. Or to hell.”
Anastasia tries again to escape being taken to the sultan.
Cennet: “Do you want to die? Either you go to the sultan tonight or you go to your grave.”

youThe Has Oda
Anastasia enters and falls to her knees. Ahmet comes in, and she bites his hand. But then she looks up, sees his face, and she says “You? You?”
He smiles.
The end of episode 1.

To watch the episode in Turkish, click here.

This episode was summarized by Linda Barlow. Any mistakes are mine and mine alone!


This is the synopsis and rough translation for episode 1. The second episode review and English synopsis can be found here.

3rd Kosem episode is now translated here.

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Bill BalogluJanuary 3, 2016 at 2:18 pmReply

To provide subtitles to youtube videos without violating up loader copyrights, there is an awesome public subtitle/captioning service online called Amara.org. I started subtitling Kosem S01E07 in English. I am looking for other volunteers to continue this initiative. URL: http://www.amara.org/en/videos/GOMn3gudFkYu/info/

AmykaFJune 9, 2021 at 9:29 pmReply