The Marriage Proposal That Went Viral

How could anyone say no to the guy who came up with this joyful and creative marriage proposal? In a strange way, it reminded me of a Joss Whedon musical (Buffy’s Once More With Feeling or Dr. Horrible). Except, of course, in Isaac’s video, none of the dancers burst into flame!  And it has a…

Beginnings of the science of forensic toxicology

This is an interesting article for authors who are either researching the history of forensics or writing 19th century murder mysteries (link below). I confess that I’ve always been fascinated by the use of scientific methods in the investigation of murder…long before CSI ever gained such high visibility in popular culture.  I remember attending my…

How much do self-published authors earn?

Interesting article in The Guardian on the subject of earnings of self-published authors. The average for last year among the authors surveyed was about $ 10K, with romance writers the top earners.  But half of the authors reported earnings of less than $500.

Beam Scotty up, please!

Beam me up…for the 3rd try! Scotty’s ashes will be aboard the corporate SpaceX craft tomorrow as they try again to fulfill James Doohan’s wishes to send some of his ashes into space (2 previous attempts met with unfortunate ends). Hope all goes well this time!

Obama Makes a Gesture

Finally, President Obama has announced his support for gay marriage.

The Cat and the IPad

Tiger, our cat, was just too cute this morning, dabbing artistically at my IPad.  What an excuse — how could I work when he was being so adorable?

Remembering Kent State

I was in my senior year at college on May 4, 1970 when four students were shot and killed by the National Guard during a demonstration against the bombing in Vietnam and Cambodia. Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young recorded this song about the event.

Not so much blogging as Tweeting…

Obviously I haven’t been updating my blog.  I am a little more active on Twitter & Facebook, however. I use Facebook mostly for casual contact with friends. On Twitter I generally post links to and/or comment about politics, science, medicine, human rights and women’s rights.