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Dorothy Dunnett and Me

I am a passionate book-lover who reads across many genres, but my most beloved novels tend to be historical in setting, either straight historical fiction or well-written historical romance. I also enjoy historical fantasies. I grew up obsessed with books by Anya Seton, Mary Renault, Thomas B. Costain, Jan Westcott, Margaret Mitchell, and the queen…

Rewriting Old Classics

Once my books were finally published, back in the eighties and nineties, I thought that was it. They were in print, which seemed like an ending. Granted, some of my characters used to protest their dismissal from my mind. They were accustomed to talking to me, and with their fellow characters in their respective stories….

Joining the Indie Publishing Revolution

After countless hours struggling to format a 190,000 word novel in a manner that would be acceptable to Smashwords’ infamous Meatgrinder, I am declaring victory, at least for now. No more error messages. The Epub version looks readable, without any weird font variations. The links and table of contents all work. Yay! The brand-new 2013 edition…

Queen Mary Tudor aka Bloody Mary

As I revise my historical romance, Fires of Destiny, I once again find myself pondering the difficult life of one of England’s Queens, Mary Tudor, aka Bloody Mary. Mary, daughter of King Henry VIII and his first wife, Catherine of Aragon, ruled England during the period explored in Fires of Destiny. She attempted to turn her…